Alexander Christodoulakis is an international businessman and financier.

As CEO of PBS SA Capital Group Alexander oversees the management of an international portfolio of businesses, each one active in a separate industrial segment. Particular industry focus is in the transportation, shipping, and energy sectors.

Alexander’s presence in the shipping industry was originally inspired by the desire to revive his family’s legacy business, Portland Shipping Co., which was founded by his grandfather. In the 1990s Alexander reopened Portland Shipping Co., which would eventually become today Portland Marine Group of Companies, where he still maintains the presidency today.


Over time, he spearheaded the growth of Portland Marine Group and its eventual ascent to become one of the world’s largest ship-building portfolios. The diversified portfolio had at one point a total estimated value in excess of $3.5 billion. It consisted of a large number of VLCC’s, Super Tankers, Product Tankers, Capesizes, Supramaxes and Container ships. Portland Marine Group’s shipbuilding activities extended from Europe all the way to the Asian Pacific.

Alexander played an integral role in redesigning ships to meet the highest performance quality specifications. His portfolio encompassed bulkers, container ships, oil tankers, chemical tankers, product tankers, fitted with the highest quality components and stainless steel tanks.

While gaining practical executive experience with Portland Shipping, Alexander further expanded his horizons by entering the international finance world, having collaborated very successfully with leading funds and top world banks for joint ventures while he conducted his business. He has a quarter century of experience of securing large-scale debt financing and calibrated financial solutions in the ‘diversified industrials’ markets.

Well before the economic crisis and shipping crisis of 2008, Alexander’s hindsight as well as his forethoughts, made through his own research, showed that the market would not hold by making its peak. Many months prior to the global market collapse, he swiftly exited the shipbuilding market but continued to remain in the shipping market with a minimal exposure.

His shipping and financial expertise provided his co-investors with the guidance to help them salvage close to what they had initially invested in the portfolio value in the past challenging times.

Energy Market


In addition to the shipping sector, Alexander has had extensive experience in the clean-tech market. He formerly managed one of the sector’s largest portfolios in terms of megawatts of power generation. The Cleantech portfolio included solar and wind assets worldwide.



Alexander is also involved in a number of organizations and a member of various societies. One of these organizations is the Piraeus Marine Club where he is a long-standing member. The idea of the creation of a marine club in Piraeus was first conceived in May in the year 1966. By September 1967, the first Articles were approved and in a year, the Piraeus Marine Club was launched on the 29 January 1968. The launch was followed by a festive and highly dynamic activity. Finally, on the 26 January 1969, the lounge and restaurant of the club were completed in the Port of Piraeus, occupying the two top floors at 51 Akti Miaouli in Piraeus. The historical club today still preserves its honor and prestige to its esteemed members, the predominantly Greek and International shipping community.